Agenda 2030

The work of ASOV Stockholm and its sister organizations strengthens the UN’s global sustainability goals that Sweden, DR Congo, Burundi and Tanzania have adopted to promote sustainable development. ASOV does this by directly contributing to the global goals 1, 3, 5, 10, 16 and 17.

ASOV Stockholm’s close and mutual cooperation with the sister organizations together with important contemporary and historical local knowledge, ASOV Stockholm is completely unique in being able to reach a group of people, communities and smaller organizations with financial assistance in described geographical areas that are never otherwise reached by aid. ASOV as a whole strengthens the global partnership for sustainable development and mobilizesresources to some of the most vulnerable people in the world.

Goal 1. No poverty

By disseminating information about social rights, working for integration in society and assisting with vocational training for our international partner organizations, our work contributes to the sub-goals of:

1.1 Eradicate extreme poverty
1.2 Reduce poverty by at least 50%

Goal 3. Good health and well-being

By spreading knowledge about human rights, sexual and reproductive health,working against violence in intimate relationships, while the organization collaborates internationally with projects in the DR Congo, Burundi, ASOV Stockholm contributes to the sub-goals of:

3.3 Combating infectious diseases
3.4 Reduce deaths from non-communicable diseases and promote mental health
3.C Increase funding and personnel for health care in developing countries

Goal 5. Equality
All activities carried out by ASOV Stockholm are based on contributing to equal conditions regardless of whether it is from a gender perspective, power perspective both within the family and in society at large, therefore the work contributes to the sub-goals:

5.1 Eradicate discrimination against women and girls
5.2 Eradicate violence against and exploitation of women and girls
5.3 Abolish forced marriage and female genital mutilation
5.6 Genereal access to sexual and reproductive health and right

Goal 10. Reduced inequality
When individuals become aware of their rights, they can also claim them more easily and integrate more easily into all parts of society. The international work takes place in one of the least developed places globally, and therefore ASOV Stockholm’s work contributes to equality both on a local and global level via the sub-goals:

10.1 Reduce income gaps
10.2 Promote social, economic and political inclusion
10.3 Ensure equal rights for all and eradicate discrimination
10.B Encourage development aid and investment in the least developed countries

Goal 16. Peaceful and inclusive societies
By spreading knowledge about human rights and sexual rights to the target groups, ASOV Stockholm wants to prevent and remedy the violence and sexual violence that mainly women and girls experience. Organization therefore contributes to the sub-goals of:

16.1 Reduce violence in the world
16.10 Ensure public access to information and protect fundamental freedoms

Goal 17. Implementation and global partnership
Through the collaboration between ASOV Stockholm, ASOV DR Congo, ASOV Burundi and ASOV Tanzania, the local knowledge in all four locations contributes to fruitful collaboration for the sub-goals to:

17.3 Mobilize financial resources for the developing countries
17.16 Strengthen the global partnership for sustainable development