Support through public education and resources

ASOV Stockholm conducts projects and close collaborations with our global sister organizations ASOV DR Congo, ASOV Burundi and ASOV Tanzania to create social change. ASOV Stockholm supports these sister organizations through public education and resources to support them in demanding their human rights. The development projects have contributed to women with HIV or who are close to HIV-positive receiving vocational training in sewing in northern DR Congo.

Today, there is also almost no support for the relatives and society taboos of both the HIV-positive and their relatives. Therefore, the projects need to include the primary target group and their relatives as well as the rest of society. To include the relatives, the projects have expanded the sewing training and also offer training in welding. The aim of the training is to increase both target groups’ understanding of equal relations, the situation of HIV-positive people and to contribute to an improved life situation for themselves and their families.

Through vocational training, the participants receive tools that increase their opportunity to contribute to family support as well as to take an active, equal and productive role in society. The trainings, together with the knowledge-raising efforts, have had good results on the self-esteem of the women and their relatives, increased their confidence to participate in and belong to society and reduced discrimination against them. Continued support is offered to the women’s organization at the same time as dialogue is conducted with those responsible and opinion campaigns are directed at the public. The final and long-term goal of the projects is that the capacity building in the collaboration has led to the participants being able to take over and manage the operations independently.

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