The long escape

The long escape and me Despite the fact that all municipalities must have integration strategies and several
organizations around the country work with integration, it is very difficult to find more
in-depth investments aimed at quota refugees.

The Swedish Migration Agency has also identified a lack of support for quota refugees and has therefore chosen to change its strategies regarding the number of urgent quota refugees. They see, among other things, that there is a need to increase the municipalities’ conditions for working in a planned manner with the reception of the refugees.

Since research has shown that early trauma increases the likelihood that an individual will become aggressive, depressed and have problems adapting to new environments, it is of great importance to support these individuals. One of the traumas that is common
among young people, especially girls and women, is being exposed to sexual violence and honor-related violence.

The overall goal of the project is to contribute to young quota refugees feeling
empowered to become an active part of society through organization and knowledge
in violence prevention measures, integration, equality and sexual rights. Which was
carried out via strengthening and knowledge-enhancing meetings, leadership
training and outward-facing activities.

All activities in the project are carried out using interactive conversation methods, feminist meeting methods and the participation of the target group in the project’s development. After the end of the project, the target group themselves will be able to take their organization further at the same time that participating organizations continue their collaboration with them through the methods and lessons learned during the course of the project.