In a time where solidarity and cooperation are key to creating a fairer world, ASOV Stockholm has recently visited Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to connect with their sister organizations, ASOV Burundi and ASOV DRC. Our mission was clear: to promote collaboration and exchange of knowledge between the organizations, thereby more effectively addressing and working on the unique challenges faced by women in our respective countries.

Knowledge exchange and understanding challenges

The journey had a distinct vision – to promote knowledge exchange between the organizations and foster a deeper understanding of the unique challenges women face in our countries. Our presence at the regional conference between ASOV Burundi and ASOV DRC, held in the city of Bujumbura in Burundi, became a platform for each organization to share their challenges, concrete projects, and work undertaken under varying conditions. It was an opportunity to let thoughts, ideas, and solutions flow freely to collectively build a brighter future for women facing discrimination and vulnerability.

Gatumba Refugee Camp

ASOV Stockholm visited the Gatumba refugee camp, located near the Democratic Republic of Congo. The situation in Gatumba is serious; thousands of people struggle in extreme poverty and suffer from the tangible consequences of climate change, which disproportionately affects women and children. We distributed emergency supplies to the most vulnerable families and engaged in interactive conversations with the local population to understand their needs and strengthen our commitment. Our dialogues with other aid organizations about the situation in Gatumba were also crucial steps towards coordinating efforts and finding long-term solutions. 

Insight into reality – Congo

In collaboration with UngaASOV (a national association for youths in Sweden), we visited the Uvira region in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, where we distributed supplies and clothing to vulnerable women and children in the area. During the trip, we participated in a panel discussion where women from both Congo and Burundi gathered to discuss the situation of women with politicians and judges from both countries. The discussions consisted of how we can collectively break down cultural norms that discriminate against women and young girls, strengthen gender equality, and combat oppression and violence against women. This moment demonstrated the strength in uniting our voices for a better future.

Local work with Global impact

Our collaboration with ASOV DRC and ASOV Burundi goes beyond borders and is deeply rooted in our desire to create change. Through projects and partnerships, we have been able to provide resources and education to empower these organizations in their fight for human rights. As an organization regularly encountering quota refugees from Burundi and Congo in Sweden, it is of importance to have a deep insight into the challenges these individuals face. Our experience with these challenges and locations helps us understand their reality and creates a stronger connection between them and our organization here in Sweden.