Democracy together

Democracy Together The project’s outcome goal is to reach out to people from the target group with knowledge of democracy in general and democratic electoral participation and commitment in particular. The project’s impact goal is to increase knowledge among the target group regarding democracy. The project’s impact goal is also to strengthen the target group’s opportunities to participate in society’s democratic processes. The project’s impact goal is to create positive attitudes around democracy as a value base. In the project, informants will be used as a method to reach several thousand people from the target group. The choice of the informants method is proven as
ASOV Stockholm has used this method in previous projects on electoral participation. The method is successful as it is based on the target group’s need to be able to receive information and knowledge in their own language and is trained by someone who has knowledge of cultural frames of reference. The informants, in turn, must hold themed evenings for the target group to educate them in the importance of
democracy, the value of democratic participation and commitment.